stacey peters

Year Turned Professional2010
Career Victories (WPGA):0
Career Earnings (WPGA)$ 0.00
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Tournament History
Ballarat Icons ALPG Proam2018/20191473095.45
Blitzgolf Curlewis2018/2019747700.00
2018 NSW Women's Open2017/2018150860.00
2018 ActewAGL Canberra Classic2017/2018146600.00
2018 Oates Vic Open2017/2018152720.00
Ballarat ALPG Pro Am2017/2018729600.00
McKayson New Zealand Women's Open2017/2018296723407.15
Anita Boon Pro Am 20172017/201814951425.00
2017 Thailand LPGA Masters2017/2018154790.00
ISPS Handa Women's Australian Open2016/2017148880.00
Mulpha Norwest Ladies Pro Am2016/201781640.00
GoldKey Financial Pro Am2016/201714624247.50
Oatlands Ladies Pro Am2016/2017150410.00
Hope Island Ladies Pro Am2016/20177426172.08
RACV Gold Coast Challenge2016/2017155570.00
Oates Vic Open2016/2017216363975.00
Brisbane Invitational2016/2017747838.50
BWAC Regional Employment Services Pro Am2016/2017739500.00
2016 ISPS Handa Womens Australian Open2015/20162862813631.44
2015 Anita Boon Pro Am2015/201613915544.00
Moss Vale Ladies Classic2015/201614622241.00
Moss Vale ALPG Classic2015/201614622241.00
Mt Broughton Ladies Classic2015/201614361200.00
Oatlands Ladies Pro Am2015/201613714500.00
Mulpha Norwest ALPG Pro Am2015/2016716850.00
2016 Oates Victorian Open2015/2016153670.00
ISPS Handa New Zealand Women's Open2015/2016213175115.35
RACV Ladies Masters2015/2016292186325.23
Brisbane Invitational2015/20167014500.00
BWAC Regional Employment Services ALPG Pro Am2015/20166921750.00
Goldkey Financial ALPG Pro Am2015/2016733384.00
ISPS Handa New Zealand Women's Open2014/2015214253119.10
Moss Vale Classic2014/201514627199.80
Renault Ladies Pro am2014/2015735868.75
Oates Women's Victorian Open2014/2015296302012.50
RACV Ladies Masters2014/2015301511822.21
ISPS Handa Womens Australian Open2014/2015155980.00
Bing Lee Fujitsu NSW Women's Open2014/201520873812.50
Australia Classic2014/2015221251597.50
ISPS Handa New Zealand Women's Open2013/2014218402047.05
Oates Women's Victorian Open2013/2014298152400.00
ISPS Handa Women's Australian Open2013/20141471000.00
Volvik RACV Ladies Masters2013/2014294531560.86
Bing Lee Fujitsu General Women's NSW Open2013/201421955330.00
Renault Ladies Pro-Am2013/20147632146.88
Mount Broughton Classic2013/201413852500.00
Moss Vale Classic2013/201414151320.00
Ingham Antill Park Pro-Am2013/2014709700.00
Volvik RACV Ladies Masters2012/201320769921.60
The Vintage Pro-Am2012/201313914500.00
Ingham Antill Park Pro Am2012/201378600.00
Mount Broughton Classic presented by McGill Transport2012/201314171050.00
Bing Lee Samsung Women's NSW Open2012/201320858500.00
ISPS Handa New Zealand Women's Open2012/2013208318759.64
ISPS Handa Women's Australian Open2012/2013286289394.29
Women's Victorian Open2012/2013278122500.00
Mount Broughton Ladies Classic2011/201213814500.00
Hahn Premium Light & Konami Port Kembla Golf Club Pro-Am2011/20126912250.00
Power Ford Castle Hill Country Club Pro-Am2011/2012757562.50
Lady Anne Funerals ALPG Pro-am2011/2012758429.00
Xstrata Coal Branxton Golf Club Pro-Am2011/20127041000.00
Women's Victorian Open2011/2012231271406.25
ActewAGL Royal Canberra Ladies Classic2011/201221237930.00
Bing Lee Samsung Women's NSW Open2011/2012215181432.50
Gold Coast RACV Australian Ladies Masters2011/2012282323475.00
ISPS Handa Women's Australian Open2011/20121641460.00
Moss Vale Golf Club ALPG Pro-Am presented by Corban Automotive Wollongong2011/20121397937.50
Moss Vale Golf Club Ladies Classic presented by Corban Automotive Wollongong2010/201114319300.00
Xstrata Coal Branxton Golf Club Pro-Am2010/201114222750.00
NRE Gujurat Russell Vale Challenge Cup2010/20115931140.00
Mount Broughton Classic2010/201114824170.00
Bing Lee Samsung NSW Women's Open2010/2011214113281.25
ActewAGL Royal Canberra Ladies Classic2010/2011217191559.25
ANZ RACV Ladies Masters2010/20111471170.00
Pegasus New Zealand Women's Open hosted by Christchurch2010/201129560497.65
Lady Anne Funerals Ryde Parramatta Pro-Am2010/20117715326.67
Womens Australian Open2009/2010299370.00
2010 Pegasus New Zealand Womens Open2009/2010151790.00
Bing Lee Samsung NSW Women's Open2009/2010218270.00
ActewAGL Royal Canberra Ladies Classic2009/201021470.00
Womens Australian Open2008/20091611230.00
ANZ Ladies Masters2008/2009149970.00
2009 New Zealand Womens Open2008/2009223220.00
LG Bing Lee Womens NSW Open2008/2009218260.00
LG BING LEE WOMEN'S NSW OPEN2007/2008221390.00
2006/2007 LG Bing Lee Womens NSW Open2006/2007153700.00
2006/2007 MFS WOMENS AUSTRALIAN OPEN2006/2007154860.00

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