rebecca codd

Year Turned Professional2002
Career Victories (WPGA):0
Career Earnings (WPGA)$ 0.00
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Tournament History
RACV Ladies Masters2015/201631174881.70
Moss Vale Ladies Classic2015/201614622241.00
Moss Vale ALPG Classic2015/201614622241.00
Mt Broughton Ladies Classic2015/20161449780.00
Oatlands Ladies Pro Am2015/201614617375.00
Mulpha Norwest ALPG Pro Am2015/20167425164.77
Goldkey Financial ALPG Pro Am2015/20167119312.86
Northern Beaches Classic2015/201679620.00
2016 Oates Victorian Open2015/2016154860.00
ISPS Handa New Zealand Women's Open2015/2016148700.00
ISPS Handa New Zealand Women's Open2014/2015146620.00
RACV Ladies Masters2014/2015303561464.91
Oates Women's Victorian Open2014/2015297341700.00
Renault Ladies Pro am2014/20157413455.00
Moss Vale Classic2014/201514732172.00
BWAC Regional Employment and Community Services ALPG Pro-am2014/20157122000.00
Ingham Antill Park Pro-Am2013/20147112525.00
Mount Broughton Classic2013/2014141111150.00
Renault Ladies Pro-Am2013/20147525193.57
ISPS Handa New Zealand Women's Open2013/2014149740.00
Volvik RACV Ladies Masters2013/2014151810.00
Bing Lee Fujitsu General Women's NSW Open2013/2014152810.00
ISPS Handa Women's Australian Open2011/20121591240.00
Gold Coast RACV Australian Ladies Masters2011/2012285521362.50
Bing Lee Samsung Women's NSW Open2011/201221835710.94
ActewAGL Royal Canberra Ladies Classic2011/2012219112405.00
Moss Vale Golf Club ALPG Pro-Am presented by Corban Automotive Wollongong2011/201213851187.50
Women's Victorian Open2011/2012234361250.00
ActewAGL Royal Canberra Ladies Classic2010/20110850.00
Womens Australian Open2010/2011292255568.00
ANZ RACV Ladies Masters2010/2011142840.00
Pegasus New Zealand Women's Open hosted by Christchurch2010/2011151860.00
Womens Australian Open2009/2010154860.00
2010 Pegasus New Zealand Womens Open2009/2010289312267.62
ANZ Ladies Masters2009/201028860820.00
Bing Lee Samsung NSW Women's Open2009/2010213102008.00
ActewAGL Royal Canberra Ladies Classic2009/2010218191532.14
Kangaroo Valley Resort ALPG Classic2009/2010728660.71
Moss Vale Golf Club Ladies Classic2009/201014351187.50
Gujarat NRE Short Course Challenge2009/2010606800.00
ActewAGL Royal Canberra Pro-Am2008/20097615340.62
Womens Australian Open2008/2009299422350.00
ANZ Ladies Masters2008/2009148870.00
LG Bing Lee Womens NSW Open2008/200922140725.00
Xstrata Coal Branxton Golf Club Pro-Am2008/20091478714.00
Peugeot Kangaroo Valley ALPG Classic2008/200914811905.00
2008 ANZ LADIES MASTERS2007/2008218601020.00
LG BING LEE WOMEN'S NSW OPEN2007/200822035825.00
XSTRATA COAL BRANXTON PRO-AM2007/200814614365.20
2006/2007 ANZ LADIES MASTERS2006/20071551380.00
2006/2007 MFS WOMENS AUSTRALIAN OPEN2006/2007306621000.00
2006/2007 Angostura Lemon Lime && Bitters Castle Hill Country Club Pro-Am2006/2007999610.00
2006/2007 Macarthur YAP Golf Classic2006/20077412550.70
2006/2007 LG Bing Lee Womens NSW Open2006/2007217231190.00
2006/2007 Xstrata Coal Branxton Pro Am2006/200714412420.00
2006 ANZ Ladies Masters2005/2006284257540.00
2005 Bermagui Country Club Pro-Am2005/200615412368.60
2005 Eden Country Club Pro-Am2005/2006684975.00
AAMI Women's Australian Open2005/20061571010.00
2005 Titanium Golf Ladies Classic2005/20067121300.00
2005 Jack Newton Celebrity Classic2005/20061488775.00
2006 Titanium Enterprises ALPG Players Championship2005/2006228321260.00
2004/2005 Moss Vale Golf Club Pro-Am2004/20057216210.00
2004 Eden Country Club Pro-Am2004/20057312266.20
2004/2005 Sapphire Coast Ladies Classic2004/200514322750.00
2004/2005 Mollymook Women's Classic2004/200514711678.80
2004/2005 Catalina Country Club Pro-Am2004/200514361001.20
2004/2005 St Georges Basin CC Pro-Am2004/200514821181.40
2004/2005 Peugeot Australian Rotarians ALPG Charity Classic2004/20057431102.50
2004/2005 Jack Newton Celebrity Classic2004/200514661875.00
2005 ABC Learning Centres & FADL Group Ladies Classic2004/200521053750.00
2005 Titanium Enterprises ALPG Players Championship2004/2005219361093.30
2005 ANZ Ladies Masters2004/2005287384008.00
2004 Club Car Classic2003/20047631102.50
ANZ Ladies Masters2003/20041531050.00
ABC Learning Centres Ladies Classic2003/200421721930.00
2003 Coraki Golf Club Pro-Am2003/20047131000.00
2003 AAMI Women's Australian Open2002/2003282616750.00
2003 Aristocrat Bermagui Country Club Pro-Am2002/200314810540.00
2003 Mandeni Ladies Plate2002/20037419187.50
2003 Aristocrat Sapphire Coast Ladies Golf Classic2002/20037021950.00
2003 Catalina Country Club Pro-Am2002/2003156430.00
2003 Moss Vale Golf Club Centenary Pro-Am2002/20037417187.50
2003 Aristocrat Mollymook Womens Classic2002/20031513294.60
2003 Contrabart ALPG Players Championship2002/2003291151206.00
2003 ANZ Ladies Masters2002/2003211208400.00
2002 AAMI Women's Australian Open2001/2002294230.00
2002 ANZ Ladies Masters2001/2002291390.00
2001 AAMI WOMEN'S AUSTRALIAN OPEN2000/20011581350.00
2000 AAMI WOMEN`S AUSTRALIAN OPEN1999/2000153900.00

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